ESOS compliance deadline extension

19 Oct 2015 | ESOS

It’s only another 47 days until the first ESOS compliance deadline arrives. It is probably no surprise that ESOS submissions so far have been very few and far between but is that because not all relevant businesses know about their responsibilities or maybe because companies assume that enforcement will be very limited and they will risk the fine of non-compliance?

With very little guidance with regards to the actual framework required for an ESOS submission, as an ESOS Lead Assessor, I am fully aware that many businesses will want a report that meets the bare minimum ESOS requirements thus keeping the cost as low as possible. I think the clarification from the Environment Agency back in May that a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) may be used as a route to compliance so long as that DEC covers all assets owned by the company (which in reality would mean one single building only) has reduced the potential value of the overall report.

Anyway, back to the point of my post. The deadline for compliance has been extended from 5 December 2015 to 29 January 2016. The Environment Agency isn’t actually calling this an extension but reflects its “ability to exercise discretion when taking enforcement action”. In reality, with the Christmas break in the middle of this 7 week extension, there isn’t a great deal more time to complete the report.  There is a little more information to be found on the ESOS extension on the UK government website.

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