ESOS is the UK Government created Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme. Little seems to have been mentioned about this new energy assessment but it is a legal requirement for certain organisations; initial deadlines have now passed and the reporting submission deadlines are later this year.

What is an ESOS assessment?

energy graph 2The ESOS assessment is an energy audit of an organisation’s total energy consumption across buildings, transport and industrial activities. The assessment is carried out every four years.

Organisations that are expected to fulfil the requirements of the legislation are those with 250 employees or more, or an annual turnover in excess of £38,937,777 (and an annual balance sheet total in excess of £33,486,489). A business must initially notify the Environment Agency that it has a requirement to undertake audit. The qualification date, i.e. the deadline for notifying the Environment Agency, is 31 December 2014.

The Environment Agency will hold and maintain the register of ESOS Assessments and the deadline for submitting the first assessment is 5 December 2015.

12 months of recent energy data is required as part of the energy audit. Energy used by the business will be assessed under three categories; building, transport and process. The organisation will be required to appoint a Lead Energy Assessor to undertake, oversee or review the energy audits and the ESOS Assessment overall. As part of the assessment, energy saving opportunities will be identified by the Lead Assessor.

A Lead Assessor must be a member of an approved professional body, registered with the Environment Agency.

Penalties for non-compliance

The Environment Agency is able to inflict financial penalties for any organisation not meeting the requirements of ESOS. This includes both failing to submit audits but also failing to register an organisation’s requirement to comply with ESOS (which was due on 31 December 2014).

For more information, please see the Government website here and the detailed guidance document here. We have also put together our own short guide to ESOS in the form of a frequently asked questions document.

Up Energy have a fully qualified ESOS Lead Energy Assessor together with energy assessors capable of providing EPCs, DECs and Green Deal Assessments. Our expertise are in building energy but we have a team of respected professionals able to assist with the transport and process elements of ESOS where necessary.

The qualification deadline has now passed, so please get in touch if you have any questions or need some advice.

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