SBEM Explained

What does SBEM stand for?

Simplified Building Energy Model

When is an SBEM calculation required?

Similar to SAP calculations for new build residential properties, SBEM calculations are for non-domestic buildings and are required at planning stage. The ‘As Designed’ SBEM calculation is submitted to show that the building meets the Target Emission Rate for energy efficiency. The ‘As Built’ SBEM calculation is then submitted at the end of the build when all works have been completed and building control can sign the project off. To have SBEM explained further read on.

Do I need ‘As Designed’ calculations?

It is important to undertake the SBEM calculations early on in the build cycle to ensure it will pass Part L of the Building Regulations without having to add costly retrospective measures later on.

What is the difference between SBEM and an EPC?

The calculations that go into an EPC for a new building should be the same as those for the SBEM calculations. The EPC is the formalised certificate that allows the building to be sold or let. To avoid confusion, and duplicating costs, the EPC should be produced by the same assessor who undertook the initial calculations.

Do SBEM calculations involve a site visit?

No, an SBEM calculation can be purely a desk based exercise.

What details are required to run SBEM calculations?

Full scaled plans, sections and elevations of the final or intended layout, together with specifications for heating, cooling, ventilation, hot water and lighting. Details of the building fabric, in the form of U-value calculations for all the thermal elements together with information and certificates on air tightness and thermal bridging. If any renewable systems are to be installed then detailed specifications of these will also be required and certification at completion stage.

Who can undertake SBEM calculations?

Valid SBEM calculations should only be undertaken and submitted to building control by a qualified Level 4 or 5 Energy Assessor. It’s important to also ensure that the same assessor can complete and lodge the EPC at the end of the project so that the building can be sold or let. To have the process of SBEM explained to you or your design team get in touch.

How much do SBEM calculations cost?

The cost is really determined by the size and complexity of the building.

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